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” YES,If you are serious about making a positive change in your life, I am serious about helping you get there”

My Friend, You Have The Freedom To Work From Anywhere In
The World

With The Rising Unemployment, We Are Building Our Own
Financial Freedom By Paving Our Own Way.

Winners Play In The End-Zone, Because That Is Where The
Points Are Scored. Out in The Middle of the field, You are
Just Running Around Bumping Into Each Other.

I Hope You Choose To Get Off The Bench, Into The Game..
And Into The End-Zone… With Us

Because There You Are Going To Feel The Magical Power Of
Working From Home and Living Out Your Dreams… Its

I Hope
You Are Going To Grab This Opportunity And Let Me Help You
Change Your Life… Read on


We Are A Group Of Top Internet Marketers That All Work
Together To Build Our Down Lines and Our Income For Life.

We Are Bringing Tested And Proven Systems Together With
Step-By-Step Guides To Give You a System That Will Put You
In League with Top Internet Entrepreneurs.

The Truth About Making Massive Income As Entrepreneurs Is
To Act Like Entrepreneurs, Owners… Not Employees…

We Dont Succeed, If Our Team Doesnt Succeed. This Means
Real Support, Training, and Mentoring For Anyone That Joins
Our Team.

There Is A Right Way and A Wrong Way To Build A Business On
The Internet. No One Goes Alone In Internet Marketing.
So, I Am Not Asking You To Join My Business.

However, I Am Here To Tell You That We Are Successful And
Help To Make Each Other Successful.

Home Based Businesses Are The New “Jobs” of the Future.
Except, You Work On Your Schedule.


Join our Team Today



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A new Facebook income generating system has
been developed! Don’t ask me how…Seems like
I am generating an income by inviting people to
a Facebook group! This is almost humorous!
We all click like, comment and share anyways
inside Facebook. Getting paid to do it…it does not
get any easier! I thought you might want to check
this one out. I am sure you too will be laughing
while the money comes in.


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I Am Going To Place Paid Members In Your Downline”

Turn A One-Time $18 Payment Into Over $500,000!

Would You Like My Help, Where
It Counts The Most? Then…..


Jump into my Team! I will promote for you!

and put Paid Members in your Down line. Plenty of spill over with our Team!

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There is a urgent need for us to get our sites shown to prospects or would be buyers,

otherwise it is not going to happen for you. With out traffic you have no conversions that leads to commissions

You would be like a fish out of water.

Today I want to share with you two traffic sources, that I use every month without fail.

I purchase traffic from both of these two sites every month, they always produce opt-ins, sign ups, and commissions..



These two sites have been online for years…

Clixsense has way more than 2 million registered members worldwide that are eager to see what you have to offer. More than 50 million ad views per month and with several advertising options available to you. I only purchase clixsense clixgrid links, completely hands free traffic. Purchase a $20 link, add it, get over 20,000 visitors.. I purchase 10 to 20 of these a month, and only advertise my squeeze pages that build my own email list..

Herculist, is a large safelist, and solo ad service and has over 75,000 members it self, but their solo ad service sends to 3 list over 130,000 + people, completely hands free. You put in your ad, purchase the package you want, they send all the ads out for you, and their ad packages always come with multiple submissions. Make sure you take a $20 ad package or higher, this is what I always do, this is what works.

These two sources have always produced for me, you can use them to advertise what ever you want. But please if you are following a system I have shared with you,

make sure you advertise your squeeze pages and build your email list,

the fortune is made in the follow up!

An another great traffic source is from Traffic Exchanges

I am a firm believer in them for they can create residual Traffic and Residual commissions for you.

Your Eight Stepswill teach you how to do it.

I know it can be very time consuming

but I have discovered a hands free way to get your adverts seen on 423 Traffic exchanges with out fail

Just set it up and apply your credits, with you being in the drivers seat.

I have resently join a Traffic Exchange Co-op and now with very little effort on my part

I get my sites shown all over the net. You can join for free, but I recommend taking the Gold  upgrade at a discount for very reasonable cost.

Viral TE CO-OP


This is just not any old Traffic Exchane Co-op, It has features like

nothing I have seen on line.  http://viraltecoop.com/s3.php?r=franbuchanan

Give it a try, its worth much more then you think.Your time is valueable.

If you are serious about your business, I would suggest you get out of your comfort Zone

and play with the big boys. Invest in your business and you won’t go wrong

What do you say to that, any questions, I will gladly answer for you.

If you need to be shown how to do something, I’ll share my screen and show you on skype.

I hope you really move forward on these methods of advertising,

for you will see a vast difference in your results.

To your success

Your friend and partner,


Frances Buchanan

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Boy have I got a treat for you!

Marketing masters Nick Allard, Richard and John Weberg
have developed one of the coolest automated
marketing systems that supports two of the
most powerful business opportunities in the
industry today.
Yep, you guessed, 4 Corners Alliance and GVO

There is also a funded proposal, such as Ps Click Power.
that will enable you to get 100% commissions paid
directly to your paypal account and at the same time builds
your list and creates free Advertising for you.


If you’ve been struggling to build your 4
Corners business you NEED to check out this
incredible marketing system.

Richard Weberg teaches you in a step-by-step
fashion of how you can built  4 Corners
business  or any other business in a VERY short period of time.

he covers multiple marketing methods to create traffic

to your sites. You will get your training to create Traffic and

residual commissions here.


If you are tired of failing and are ready to
succeed in 4 Corners and other programs, you need to join right now.

The marketing funnel is free to join but make sure you pay
special attention to the one-time offers of the funded proposal,
Ps Click Power.
Then look at the done for you traffic packages at signup
These  packages will leverage your time and advertising, to give your business a boost.
you definitely don’t want to pass up this opportunity.

It is a new way to make money online with a Unique
Funnel and super marketing tools to build your list and

traffic packages that will deliver prospects to your funnel and

grow your business.
This is my marketing proposal to you.


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Have you ever asked yourself that question?

The truth is people procrastinate for numerous reasons.

There is no right or wrong answer here it just depends on the person

and their situation.

However, I do believe that FEAR is the number one reason people procrastinate.

Why do I believe that?

Take for instance whenever you start something new what is the first thought that

comes into your mind? We think that we cannot do it. And that’s just a natural human


We do not do what we want to, or think that we should, because we are afraid of

failure, afraid of how much work it will be or have other fears of not being able to

actually do it.

Consider an aspiring entrepreneur. They know that in order to be as good as some of

their favorite leaders, they need to put in the extra time and work every single day.

They might start out strong, working an extra two or three hours a day for the first

few days, but then they begin to see that they are nowhere near the level that they

want to be (even though they are just starting out) and begin to let fear cloud their


They begin to tell themselves that they will never get to the next level and that they

have instead wasted all of their time for nothing. This is fear 101 and it pervades

their thoughts and eventually, their work habits slowly begin to diminish, work hour’s

gets shorter or less frequent, and they stop trying entirely.

In other cases, we procrastinate because we are simply feeling lazy. It is a lot of

work to accomplish something great, and even though most of us want to do exactly

that, the work seems insurmountable.

You might have convinced yourself that doing this will result in that, but you are not

taking the steps to do it. Laziness is almost never the sole reason that we do not

accomplish our goals, but it does factor in the equation.

We also procrastinate because there are plenty of small, fun tasks that can be done

during the day.

For example, if you wanted to write a novel, and you were planning to write 1000

words, you might do small tasks that seem more appealing instead – such as:

Naming your characters
Creating backstories for them
Drawing a diagram of the town that you are setting your novel in

Although this stuff does have its time, but it’s time is not when you have decided to

write 1000 words on your novel. It’s time is when you actually begin writing!

By simply breaking tasks down into smaller steps you will not only address this issue,

but it will show you how to solve your procrastination problem easily. It will keep

you BUSY throughout the day which is precisely what you want to be accomplishing.

we all spend too much time on the non-income producing activities in our business.

Which is really procrastination… Does that sounds familiar to you?

Let me help you to becoming a productive Marketer

Follow the steps and once you set up your funnel. continually advertise non stop
for it is necessary to get your promotions seen by as many people as possible.

You need a marketing system, a funnel,programs,and products and tools that creates value and resources to create Traffic to your websites.

Join our team that has a fantastic Marketing system with all the bells and whistiles

done for you. All you have to do after you put all your  id in place is advertise.

Take action to day, be positive and take charge of your life. Stop Procrastinating

Join Our Team here


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When Frank Salinas Launches, you know it will certainly be SPECIAL!

Welcome to PS Click Power.

Looks like Frank Salinas has done it once more. He has one more
brand-new traffic producing site that vows to be good.

Make Sure You Join This
Brand New Site That’s Hot!

 Super easy to use, no hard systems to learn!


No Commissions To Request Or Waiting Weeks To Get Paid!

     You Get Paid Instantly!

Click Here To Join Now


PS Click Power is a very Special site

and growing like CRAZY!

Unique advertising using the P.S.

in every members’ emails to generate

massive traffic to everyones urls!

200,000 credits


!!!!!~No Emails~!!!!!

$220 worth of free advertising

Lots More

A Great Time To Promote And Rake In

Big Profits!

Make sure you get in to take advantage of all the

advertising that is available to you.

In my own experience  when I joined  I upgraded  to

Founding membership right away,and I got my money back in less then 48 hours with 100% commissions to my Paypal account.

I’m here on skype if you need help setting up
to make the most of what you got 
link your autoresponder up to your capture page?

**The perfect Funded Proposal.. (Extremely Important)**
Please watch this video now, and learn how to 4X build your email list
and multiply your traffic with a simple PS.

Your complete set up instructions by Good Friend and mentor(Watch this video no matter what you are promoting)

This is the perfect funded proposal, when you follow the set up in the video above,
it will build your email list X 4,
and put immediate cash in your pocket as you build your business, it will build your downline, referrals and commissions in Marketing Mastery Elite at the same time!!

All you do after you are set up is advertise PS Click Power, you will build all by doing so.


This site Rocks  

Skype ID franbuchanan2

Please check it out!,

Non Stop to the Top

Frances Buchanan


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   You Are Not Alone!

Jump into my Team

You (and your Business)

will never be alone again.

..You will be on my TEAM, No prior experience needed!

Here is video proof, of what one person in our team accomplished in 6 months!(Video is only 1 minute 57 seconds long) If video does not load, try refreshing the page.
He has since gone on to make over $75,000.00 in 9 months, from just this one $18 program!
Make Money in the digital economy

Every second You Waste Is Potential Income Lost, every day you hesitate is another sign up lost, that could be in your business, because we are building this as a TEAM! Each Team member can only have so many people on each level, then it automatically spills over to the next person.
Watch this video now: of

Four Corners Alliance Group CEO and owner David Harrison


Do not waste any time, the sooner you sign up, the sooner I can help you get your 4 people. It is only a one-time $18.00 purchase..This is the best comp plan online that benefits more people faster then I have ever seen in my 6 + years marketing online!

Why the Four Corners Alliance program will be successful for you.

**READ THIS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT** Lets Get You Started Now, after signing up by clicking the get started button above, then sign into your members area and once in the members area you will see on the left hand side of the page,  a highlighted link to your personal page, click on the link, then copy it, and send it to me immediately so I can help you build your team.



My Skype: franbuchanan2

This is what your Four Corners Alliance link will look like below that you will send me, it is also called your marketing url. Except of course this one below is mine, yours would have your user name on the end of it.


Compare this to any other matrix style program online, and you will see this is 100 x better. This is the first ever upside down matrix, that forces leaders like me who can put thousands of people into programs to help their downline succeed, the big money is in the bottom of the matrix, not the top!!

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 This is my suggestion

Join The Marketing Mastery Elite Team System 
Four Corners For A MAXIMUM COST of

Commit To


4 Like



In Your First

24 Hours

To start your spillover



Help Those 4

To Succeed

By Introducing

Them To The

Marketing Mastery Elite

Winning Team

Join MME Winning Team


         Watch the Video


         Join Four Corners

Let Us Help You Build Your Online Business FREE!


The MME Winning Team System


Support, Training, Information,  Co-op Traffic and Tools  
Together We Learn and Earn 

Take Action today!

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These are the safelists I have upgraded in

You don’t do that until you are earning money, but when you do , you will be able to reach more people.
with out clicking all the time for credits and you will be able to earn commissions

What I do is try to fine a cheap lifetime upgrade or a yearly up grade, so you will avoid monthly charges. Even if you do one every couple of months when your earning, that will be building your business gradually.

Just take your time, but mean while just sign up to these safelist mailers
and use them free. You may already be a member in most of them.

I have tried and tested before I upgraded, so these are my best safelists


























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