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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Did you know that Free members who promote LOL Solos earn 35% commissions for ALL sales? That’s more than what upgraded members earn at many sites!

Upgraded LOL Solos members earn up to 75% commissions! So pay attention if you see a discounted upgrade on your way in!

Once you are inside, just visit the “Affiliate Tools” page for a wide variety of promotional materials & start earning those BIG commissions today!

Speaking from experience, LOL Solos is proven to be a great

Responsive Mailer

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Thank you for the Traffic and Commissions

This is what you will be saying, after you start using the  Your Eight Steps  Proven System.

Most people fail online for lack of having the right knowledge and support..

And not following through..they try to much to do it their own way, this is one of the biggest mistakes they will make! There is no half measures, you have to follow the eight steps the proper way in order to get results. I feel very strongly about this proven system, because it has shown me the light, how marketing should be done to get positive results, getting abundance of Traffic and commissions.

This is a winner, and I am living proof, I am no longer in the 97% group that has failed on line, and I owe it all to this simple, but effective system,

As long as you treat it like a business you will win, no doubt.

Dear friend,

I just thought I would share this video
today on how YourEightSteps works and why
it’s such a powerful marketing system..I
hope you enjoy it :)

This can change everything

Let us help you finally start winning!

Here is what our system is going To give you..

1. Simplicity- 8 Steps…you do one step, then finish the next and so on, anyone including a child could follow these instructions.

2. Traffic– We give you every resource we have used to build massive traffic, without traffic you have no business! We show you how to build massive

downline in these traffic sources, and start getting residual traffic.

3. Done for you- Splash pages, squeeze pages, banners, email swipes, a complete email series, tweets, and free software downloads.

4. Complete list building– Instructions in video and written, we will have you building your list bigger and faster then ever.

5. Downline integrity– We do not send our own affiliate links in emails to your referrals, we do not steal them so we can be on top

the leader boards, we build our own business,  by advertising our affiliate links just like you. Your downline is safe with us, we promote to your referrals for you.

6. Complete support– We answer your questions, we have an active skype group and facebook support page, as well as email support,

we care about your success and want to help you. Your questions will not go unanswered!!

7. Income– We will show you how to build passive income in the two top highest paying and most successful programs online!

8. We deliver as promised………We work hard for you, and give you the most value we possibly can..We want to make your job simpler and easier.

We are on your side, and will help you get through the struggles, join us now:


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Yep, You Guessed It !Yet Another New Mailer Has Just Launched !


Viral Mailers Work Because They

ProActive Mailer makes it
to send your ads to an eager
and responsive list of marketers!

We Don’t Use Bribes or Gimmicks
To Grow Our Membership.
We Focus Entirely On Getting YOU Results!

ALL Members Can Mail Daily!

Grab Your Membership Now And See How Good It Is For Yourself !

Use PromoCode ProActive To Get 1500/1500/1500 To Get You Started.

Here’s To YOUR Success !


P.S. Make Sure You Check Out The OTO. It’s A Winner !

Even Those Unable to Invest in Themselves Today start out being able to mail 1500!

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“If you are serious about making a positive change in your life,I am serious about helping you get there”

Dear Fellow marketer,

Fate Brought You To Read My Mail Today. And I Hope
You Are Going To Grab This Opportunity And Let Me Help You
Change Your Life… Read on

We Are A Group Of Top Internet Marketers That All Work
Together To Build Our Down Lines and Our Income For Life.

We Are Bringing Tested And Proven Systems Together With
Step-By-Step Guides To Give You a System That Will Put You
In League with Top Internet Entrepreneurs. Continue reading

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Creating Wealth Or Just Wasting Time?

That’s an important question that I want you to think about, but in a certain way . . . I’ve been doing this too long and have helped, consulted, and seen the results of too many people to not see where people get lost. Most people I’ve spoken to are more into building and chasing a dream, than really building a business.

See . . . A simple fact is, my business grows everyday. But, some of the people I meet and gave advice to years ago are still chasing a dream, the question is . . . What’s the difference? The difference is I get things done. I test. I take my knocks. I get better. They move from company to company looking for magic or the right sponsor or the right timing Continue reading

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Frances Buchanan
Introducing                        Aussie Mailer!

Welcome To Aussie Mailer The Best In Email Marketing!

Do You Know At Aussie Mailer You Can…
Win Up To $2.50 Every Week In Our Top 10 Promoters Contest
And Win Cash And Credits With Our Email Click Rewards
Plus You Earn Between 25% to 100% Referral Commissions!!!

Start Mailing The World From Downunder Now!

Use Promo Code: Koala …2,500 Credits, 1,500 Banner Imps & Text Ad Imps!


Their Proven, state-of-the-art Viral Mailing technology
lets you broadcast your message quickly and easily to tons
of responsive marketers across the world!

So Carefully Consider The Awesome OTO’s
When You Join! You Will Never See Them Again!

You Also Have The Opportunity To Earn More…
Downline Builder, Monthly Bonus Credits, Reset Mailer Feature,
Free Promo Codes, Earn UnClaimed Credits, Top 10 Promoter Contest,
Rewards For Reading Emails, And Lots More To Come!

So start mailing the world by joining free today…


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All Mailers Are NOT Created Equal-

The Future is Here
All Mailers Are NOT Created Equal.

Bells and Whistles Do NOT Results.
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