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Monthly Archives: May 2015

It Is Time To Start Making Money!

Our Team Build Is Getting Incredible Results!

We Work Hard To Make YOU Money!

Are You Ready To Work With a Team Build That Gets You Crazy Results?

I am not going to give you a bunch of hype, make unrealistic promises, or insult your intelligence.

But what I do know is that this is the best team build I have ever seen on line.

I highly recommend it to anyone to help change ther financial Future.

It not only has Products to make you money, Tools and Training that everyone needs, but they even advertise for you.

Drop by to day and see what we have on offer, this team build leads to a marketing system, that will create abundance of traffice, tips and tricks to arm you for this internet marketing world.

Join our team, and lets make money together

All you need is a desire to win, a team that will help you and having a positive approach by being a Action Taker.

*Get of that Fence — Take Action Today — Invest in your future*.

Come and join my team, lets make money together.

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Hi Guys and Gales, I have a great mailer, that you will fine excellent to use, and great responsive rates. Be sure to grab your free advertising credits

Finally a Magnificent Mailer!

if your quick,  190promo this will get you $1.90 cash, 2300 credits, 1000 Banner and 1000 Text links.

This promo runs until we have 3100 members


It’s not every day a new list builder comes along that just gets it.

I’m talking about a list builder that grows massive in the first month
and gets amazing results.


Because they get it that in order to make their members happy
they need to continuously drive more members to their site outside
of the niche for maximum results.

You must act now…Join Free and “ROCK” it….


By the way…After You join, remember to use this
Promo Code ” 190promo “…to get your cash and credits….
I also have 1000 credits waiting for you when you join…
You must active your account for this to work.

It’s time for you to take action and see what a quality list builder can
do for you. This is a very responsive mailer!



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The Benefits Of Team Building!!!

Working as a team in online Marketing can benefit you in several ways, especially in programs that are structured in such a way, that it benefits a person to build in depth under the people they sponsor. This way the top recruiters are always ready and willing to help their downline succeed, because they only make any real money when they have successfully helped their downline make money.

Another advantage of building a team, is you have the ability to put everyone together and share marketing ideas, in this manner it motivates more people to stay active especially when other team members can share in new milestones hit, and new successes had.

And as a lot of you know who read my blog posts regularly, that I am engaged in Team building  activities in Your Eight Steps and we are currently Team building Four Corners Alliance

it is one of those perfect opportunities to team build. And now they have decided to add another program to our team building activity called

Five dollar funnel.

What both of these programs have in common, is a low entry point, and self funding into the higher commission levels, meaning no other out of pocket expense..

And both fit the parameters to be able to successfully team build them, because they are structured the correct way, in so that, the top leaders is to their advantage to help you be successful. Hence why we have started team building five dollar funnel as well. Now that doesn’t mean we have let off the gas promoting 4 corners alliance group either.

Still the best way to promote any program online is to set up a campaign in your autoresponder and build a list for it. I  use Pure Leverage, because I find it the cheapest around, quite reliable and they give you a great suite of tools  for your  online business. It is smart practices. For further info you can check my blog Posts.


We are going full steam a head…It was really a no-brainer to add
Five dollar funnel to our team building activities the cost of these two programs is so low, they appeal to the masses. 5 dollar funnel is 5 bucks, and four corners alliance group is $18, both are a onetime payment and future commissions pay for the next product level, so no more money out of pocket for these two opportunities, except for how ever you choose to advertise them. And everyone of you reading this should be building your list period, no questions asked, that is if you want to make money online…
If you haven’t joined us yet, you can do so now:
Highly recommended Programs
Four Corners Alliance Group
Five Dollar Funnel
In order to benefit from our marketing you will want to get fully paid up in both.
We have also added both of them to the recommended downline builder in YourEightSteps.
Contact Me
skype: franbuchanan2    I am in Canada
Non Stop To The Top, No One Gets Left Behind!!
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