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Monthly Archives: September 2015


Dogs don’t like bones…   did you know? hhhmmm THINK ABOUT IT 

If we SWAPPED places with the dog  who do you think would get the bones…


Sometimes in life we can settle for bones to

Get the MEAT OF LIFE and not the Bones

Health + Fitness Program &Products

  Marketing Funnel


Email marketing



My advice!!!

Put your First Foot (Paw) Forward, Take positive Action 

Following the 8 Steps to get to the Road that will bring you Success

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Are you settling for just an average mailer?

Well stop right now! There is no reason why you should settle, you deserve the best!

The best is here right now, let me introduce to you ListAvail!

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ListAvail has been proven time and time again to produce results. ListAvail consistently ranks high and is used by some of the time names and gurus in the industry and with good reason, it produces.

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* Free downloads for upgraded members
* Mobile friendly

Join us today at ListAvail, you will love it!

To your success,

Frances Buchanan


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