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What I recommend is Pure Leverage?

Pure Leverage is an online opportunity that leverages the power of its member base to make YOU money without experiencing the common challenges, problems, or pitfalls that most go through when attempting to start a successful home based business.  PureLeverage has amazing products and services, but also has 100% commissions.  Yes, I said One Hundred Percent Commissions.  Many people believe the PL compensation plan will revolutionize the internet marketing arena as we currently know it.  The founders at GVO believe this program will create sustainable and recurring incomes month after month.  In fact, Joel and the gang from GVO are confident that their top earners will make anywhere from 10K to 100K per month.  Yes, PER MONTH.

For roughly $25/month, I’m confident any business owner, manager, or affiliate will take a close look at this product package and see the unlimited potential of making and growing a business with the pure leverage marketing system.

I am offering you a great opportunity, so act now and I will be here for you to help you if need be. You don’t have to be on your own anymore.

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Pure Leverage:

What It Does And How It Can Help Your Internet Home-Based Business

Pure Leverage is a program created by Joel Therien. This program is a compilation of the founder’s 14 years of experience and knowledge of marketing systems. Essentially, it is an Internet marketing system that offers Pure Leverage tools so users can have a successful Internet home-based business.


100% Commissions only at PureLeverageJoin Today – 100% Commission

What happens when you combine a BREAKTHROUGH product that everybody NEEDS…with the HOTTEST compensation plan in the industry…
powered by the most POWERFUL system ever created, and a leadership team that is COMMITTED to helping YOU win?
WELCOME to the COMPANY that is REVOLUTIONIZING the Industry!

Pure Leverage



 To help you to promote Pure Leverage I  recommend this

Ready Set Go Marketing System that is included in

“Contact List Builder” 

The Great Funnel. List building and BrandingSystem

I am a member of Contact List Bulder Team and it is a great program that helps you to advertise and increase your prospects for Pure Leverage and list building and branding yourself..

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Janet Legere has been teaching list building strategies for over 14 years and now you can get her strategies for free!
This is a great combination
Everything you need is right here at Contact List Builder.

At Pure Leverage, you get access to all the tools YOU NEED to build your list and brand you online! At Contact List Builder, YOU LEARN HOW to use all those great tools to build your list and create your personal brand and get on the road to making “long-term” income.


Success ultimately depends on YOU so lets talk the opposite of success…failure.

There are 5 reasons why people fail in a home business…

1. They never get started.
2. They quit too early.
3. They are not consistent.
4. They don’t have a mentor.
5. They don’t have a proven system to follow.

If you can conquer those 5 road-blocks you are “Guaranteed” to be successful in starting a home business.

Contact List Builder can help you over come all these obstacles with the 5 Steps Blueprint to Success,  Tools,Training webiniars

and mentoring, you are never alone, fantastic support. I am living proof for I have 25 people in my downline, the recipe for

a good foundation to achieve my Goals. How about you??

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I will see you on the inside

To your success

Frances Buchanan

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