The Dynamic Traffic Blast!

Dynamic Traffic Blast is a  great manual traffic exchange & solo email combination called Dynamic Traffic Blast that will get the word out about any program you’re promoting! Join now & get in quick! The surf prizes are AWESOME! You can join for free, but upgraded members get tons of benefits including 40% commissions on downline upgrades! Did I mention the surf prizes are AWESOME? Don’t Delay! Join NOW!!!

They Click Your Link… You Get Targeted Traffic


How It Works

Please read this carefully before you start.

Dynamic Traffic Blast (DTB) is a little different from other Traffic Exchanges because of the auto send solo ad option.

With other sites, your unassigned credits just sit there until you assign them to your sites, etc. However, with the DTB system these are the credits used for your autosend solo ads.

All the credits earned surfing the Traffic Exchange and reading solo ads are added to this total (excluding those that are auto assigned).

If you do not want your spare credits used for solo ads you must assign them to your sites, banners or text ads. You should do this at the end of each surf session or after a purchase.

The system gives you the ability to use DTB as either a Traffic Exchange, a Safelist, or both. You can do this by the way you set the auto allocate for your sites.

If you wish to use the site as just a Traffic Exchange, you auto assign 100% to your sites.
Simply uncheck the box in your profile to stop solos if you wish to just use DTB as a conventional Traffic Exchange.

If you wish to use the site as a Safelist, a minimum of 20% must be auto assigned to your sites. To send a solo email ad, you MUST assign how many credits to use. No solo email ad will be sent out with the credits set to zero (“0″).

For best results, a mix of both is recommended, which is why a minimum of 20% must be auto assigned to your sites.

Surf Prizes and Bonuses are very generous, so even surfing a minimum of 50 to 100 sites will earn you lots of credits to send solo ads. Enjoy

Here’s What You Get As a FREE Member:

2 second surf timer
.50 Dynamic Surf Ratio

Sign-Up Bonus: Surf 50 and receive 100 Credits and 1,000 Banner & Text Impressions!

Large and Small Surf Prizes
Add up to 10 Sites/Banners/Texts
10 Saved Solo Email Ads
1 Monthly Solo Email Ad

1 Rotator
Track up to 10 Websites; 50 Source Ranks

6% Referral Credits on 1st Level
4% Referral Credits on 2nd Level
40% Commissions on 1st Level Purchases
20% Commissions on 2nd Level Purchases
FREE “All About Traffic Exchanges” ebook
FREE “Login Frequency Marketing Manuscript”
May transfer 10 or more Credits to downline


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