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Click Voyager is a manual traffic exchange that offers huge web promotion opportunities for your website. Not only can you surf for free traffic but you can also win thousands of bonus credits each and every day. If you’re really brave, you can even undertake the Click Voyage – a magical journey through time itself to uncover enough traffic to last you a lifetime…..

EARN free traffic by visiting our member websites…..
For every site you visit, you’ll earn at least two credits. These can then be traded for website visitors, banner advertising and more in your members area. Upgrade to a gold membership and you’ll be earning a massive 10 credits for every site you visit!
EARN more traffic by referring others…..
For every member you introduce to Click Voyager, you’ll be rewarded with a 1000 credit bounty. Once they’re signed up and active, you’ll continue to earn traffic from them forever down a full 5 levels!
WIN free traffic in our daily clicking contest…..
Every day, the top 200 traffic exchange surfers are rewarded with a variable bonus based on the credit earnings of every single member below them in that day’s surf for hits contest!
WIN more traffic by completing the Click Voyage…..
If you have the courage, you could try the perilous Click Voyage – a journey back through time to uncover the 7 wonders of the ancient world. But be warned – the waters are treacherous and the journey is long. If you make it to the end though, you could earn 6,371 visitors to your site from a mere 88 clicks….
And much, much more…..
Win in our credit lottery or referral contest, find the mystery credits while you surf, avoid the pitfalls, gamble your winnings, exchange credits for banners and text links, build and contact your downlines and there’s still much more to come!
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