A Proven System is the Key and the most important aspect of your business on line, so lets talk about, what is a Proven System?


A proven system is basically a sales funnel that has been optimized and proven to convert well. Usually it includes high-ticket offers as well as recurring revenue streams. Imagine you have created several products or services and you have built up a sales funnel that converts. Well, this is your proven system. Now you could decide to give other people the opportunity to use your system as well. There are basically two ways to do this, either you open up an affiliate program or you license your proven system to others.

This  is what Richard Weberg and Brenda De Reus has done for us by developing Your Eight Steps, which is a marketing system and training platform.

The sales funnel of proven systems usually includes high ticket products or recurring income streams. That’s where the real money is earned. You won’t get rich by selling $15 E books.

The big advantage of using proven systems is that you don’t have to create any products and you don’t have to care about customer support. Basically you just send traffic to the websites of the proven system and the rest is automated or done for you. The Proven System that I use all the time is a Marketing System and Funnel called “Your Eight Steps“which was mentioned above.


” This is the best Proven System I have ever come across. The support is excellent, I swear by it, because after five Years searching, I found my system and wouldn’t trade it for anything else for it is serving me well, and there is super Team work, we all help each other to reach our goals. I am at last earning  Money. I like getting those Pay pal notifications, It was only yesterday  I Earned $278.07 from Your Eight Steps alone.

I have followed the Eight Steps  and I have come up Trumps.


Your Eight Steps has recurring revenue streams in place. You will ultimately will   build up a residual income .and Residual traffic.The system  includes  pre high commission products Such as Pure Leverage and GVO which are the Two  highest paying affiliate programs on line. These are the main programs of the system

Your Eight Steps also has a lot of programs that will earn you money, For example in their down line builder they have such programs as :

Four Corners Alliance

Five Dollar Funnel,  


The choice is yours, these are just options to earn more money as you progress

The best advise I can give you is to follow those who are successful, using a proven system, that leads to success.

Many people have been successful using Your Eight Steps,

 so why not give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Proven systems are the easiest and fastest way to start making money online. Once you are signed up, you can start to drive traffic to the sales funnels and let the system work for you.

Let tell you why Your Eight Steps is so powerful and why it works. Here is Richard Weberg giving you the truth.


All you have to do is make a commitment to take action and follow Your Eight Steps to success.

What I mean by following the steps is to signup to all the resources that have been carefully chosen to give  you maximum effect to increasing Traffic and commissions. It is no good to sign up to everything and not use the traffic Exchanges and safelists and Tools provided, because you will not create any traffic to your promotions and nobody will see them. It would defeat the whole purpose of the system.You would be like a Duck out of water, wondering aimlessly and getting no where. Water is the driving force for the duck and traffic and commissions are our Driving force, because with out traffic you will get no commissions. So I hope I got my message across to the faint hearted, that are looking for a quick Buck. There is no such thing.

You gradually build your business as and when you can upgrade, that  is when the commissions will come in to play.

If there is no exchange of money, there is no profits. Like the old saying

“you have to Use money to make money”

So now you have the system, do something with it. Take action and

Make 2015 a year to remember, come and join me now, and lets make money together

Frances Buchanan



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