If you are using traffic exchanges in your online marketing, there are several important reasons why you want to be an upgraded member.

I am going to give you an example here, using trafficwitch, a very good exchange owned by Guido Nussbaum, trafficwitch has been a very responsive exchange.


They offer 3 Account Types, you can see the features of all three of them below.

Witch- Free

● 0.5 up to 0.7 Credits per View
● 10 Seconds Timer
● 5% from Referral Surfing
● 5% Comission on Upgrades
● 2% Comission on Purchases (Credits etc.)
● Minumum Cashout: $30

Wicca- Around 10 bucks a month

● 0.66 up to 1.5 Credits per View
● 10 Seconds Timer
● 10% from Referral Surfing
● 750 Credits per Month
● 1500 Banner Impressions per Month
● 2500 Text Link Impressions per Month
● 25% Comission on Upgrades
● 5% Comission on Purchases (Credits etc.)
● Minumum Cashout: $10

Sorcerer- Around fifteen bucks a month

● 1 up to 1.5 Credits per View
● 10 Seconds Timer
● 15% from Referral Surfing
● 1000 Credits per Month
● 2500 Banner Impressions per Month
● 3500 Text Link Impressions per Month
● 75% Comission on Upgrades
● 10% Comission on Purchases (Credits etc.)
● Minumum Cashout: $10

I have the sorcerer upgrade, and very easy to see the difference between each account type.

Now here are just some of the reasons some people experience a ton more success with traffic exchanges than others. The people who experience the most success, understand what investing in their business does for them.

1. Do you know how long you would have to surf an exchange (as a free member), to just get the 1000 credits/2500 banner credits/3500 text credits I get automatically every month for being an upgraded member? This is how you leverage your time, and increase your results, my sites and adds will be seen over seven thousand times without surfing one click!

2. Now if I do surf, which I do, as an upgraded member I get double per click of what a free member gets per click. This makes my time worth more than somebody surfing as a free member.

3. Upgraded members get way more credits from their referrals efforts as well, the more you refer the more you earn additional traffic credits.

4. Upgraded members get paid more, what is 5% of $200 bucks………equals only ten dollars. What is 75% of $200 bucks…….equals $150 Bucks!! Which one would you want? Who is going to make money faster and a whole lot more?

These reasons are why it is so important to invest in your business, and if traffic exchanges are part of your overall marketing strategy,  you will definitely want to be upgraded in some of the top traffic exchanges. You should have an advertising budget that you can live with, these upgrades are very inexpensive. Even if you only can invest 10 bucks a month in your advertising, you have to start somewhere. And if you are completely broke, you still have the option to earn all of your traffic by surfing, its just way more time consuming, and you do not leverage your results as quickly.

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