There is a urgent need for us to get our sites shown to prospects or would be buyers,

otherwise it is not going to happen for you. With out traffic you have no conversions that leads to commissions

You would be like a fish out of water.

Today I want to share with you two traffic sources, that I use every month without fail.

I purchase traffic from both of these two sites every month, they always produce opt-ins, sign ups, and commissions..



These two sites have been online for years…

Clixsense has way more than 2 million registered members worldwide that are eager to see what you have to offer. More than 50 million ad views per month and with several advertising options available to you. I only purchase clixsense clixgrid links, completely hands free traffic. Purchase a $20 link, add it, get over 20,000 visitors.. I purchase 10 to 20 of these a month, and only advertise my squeeze pages that build my own email list..

Herculist, is a large safelist, and solo ad service and has over 75,000 members it self, but their solo ad service sends to 3 list over 130,000 + people, completely hands free. You put in your ad, purchase the package you want, they send all the ads out for you, and their ad packages always come with multiple submissions. Make sure you take a $20 ad package or higher, this is what I always do, this is what works.

These two sources have always produced for me, you can use them to advertise what ever you want. But please if you are following a system I have shared with you,

make sure you advertise your squeeze pages and build your email list,

the fortune is made in the follow up!

An another great traffic source is from Traffic Exchanges

I am a firm believer in them for they can create residual Traffic and Residual commissions for you.

Your Eight Stepswill teach you how to do it.

I know it can be very time consuming

but I have discovered a hands free way to get your adverts seen on 423 Traffic exchanges with out fail

Just set it up and apply your credits, with you being in the drivers seat.

I have resently join a Traffic Exchange Co-op and now with very little effort on my part

I get my sites shown all over the net. You can join for free, but I recommend taking the Gold  upgrade at a discount for very reasonable cost.

Viral TE CO-OP

This is just not any old Traffic Exchane Co-op, It has features like

nothing I have seen on line.

Give it a try, its worth much more then you think.Your time is valueable.

If you are serious about your business, I would suggest you get out of your comfort Zone

and play with the big boys. Invest in your business and you won’t go wrong

What do you say to that, any questions, I will gladly answer for you.

If you need to be shown how to do something, I’ll share my screen and show you on skype.

I hope you really move forward on these methods of advertising,

for you will see a vast difference in your results.

To your success

Your friend and partner,


Frances Buchanan

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