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Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you may fine something, that will help you in your marketing. even if it is only inspiration, I feel it would be a worth while job well done.

 This is my story

I was born in London,England off a Canadian father and English mother.I was brought up and educated in Newfoundland.
I went over to the UK when I was 20 years of age. Spent 17 years in London, England and 19 years in Glasgow,Scotland.After 36 years
I have decided to come back to retire were I was brought up. I have gone the full circle and back. During that time I did Nursing
for 12 years, Travel agent for 7 years, then the later 18 years I was working for Glasgow City Council in Scotland as admin assistant.

Now that I have retired through ill Health,and needing extra cash, I decided to look to the internet, to fine ways of making money on line with the purpose of starting a  Home Based Business one day,and finally getting the residual income that I have always dreamed about. To make this possible I had to put my plans into action.

It wasn’t easy starting from scratch for I had to search on line,on

how to market, for I didn’t know the first thing about it.

It took me two and a half years of jumping from business

opportunity to business opportunity banging my head against the

wall before I figured out how to profit online. It was like one

day the light bulb turned on inside my head, it was an aha

moment! I finally understood, that learning and mastering

the process is what would set me free , not the business

opportunity it self. Without using a proven process that

actually works, you will never sell anything online …I am

here to tell you, that If I can do this, you can do this, no
matter what your circumstances are!

To cut a long story short I am now representing
GVO (Global Virtual Opportunity)
The truth is no matter what MLM or Biz op you are currently promoting it is all about Collecting Emails (building your list) and learning how to get conversions.  And GVO teaches you exactly that, giving you  all the Marketing tools you need today to enable you to make a successful home based business.

I am now retired and living in Newfoundland Canada, and ten years has passed bye, and I have  found myself being diagnosed with Cancer 3 times, having surgery, chemo Treatment, and radiation has been a struggle for me from time to time.

To top it of I even had a brain bleed, that affected my sight, with only tunnel vision and a problem with my balance, with a bit of praying and determination I pulled through it all.

I had to put my internet business on hold from time to time, I dabbled here and there, and fell behind in my marketing more then once..

But I never ever left it alone, I didn’t give up on my dream.Under the circumstances I had to adapt to a new way of life and figure out the way forward

It gave me a new lease on life, were I could work from home and it made such a difference in my

financial situation.

The satisfaction of helping other people to do the same, and offer good advise on health and fitness. It was a bonus for me because of my medical background, and I had great interest in becoming Healthier

after all I have been through,as I started with Now Lifestyle,

To top it of I found a Team with a  funnel  for Now Life Style and combined with a proven Marketing system to create Traffic and commissions to your business no matter what you are promoting.

There is ample training,and anyone can do it. Start your new lease on life today by joining our

Team Here

Register for this Important webinar that will reveal all !


Now that I have taken action,and made a commitment, to never give up,and stay true to my yourself. I am  now on my way to make my dreams a reality. I encourage you to do the same. Don’t make excuses, just get on with it and never quite.

You are only letting yourself down, when you let things stand in your way.

I learned over the years that you have to be responsible for yourself.  No body can do it for you.

You have to be the driving force, to obtain your goals and dreams.

Get in the driving seat and take action.

Get started to day to change your life style for the Good of your health.

Wishing you many blessings

Frances Buchanan




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