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This is a great Mailer, proven to be responsive as it creates loads of traffic to your promotions.
I am finding this particular Mailer a great traffic Resource like no other Mailer out there. As long as you have tokens, you can mail to everybody at anytime.This is really great advertising I am using, this is truly a very unique mailer,
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ALL MEMBERS can mail ANYTIME to the
WHOLE LIST as long as they have tokens.
It takes very little work to earn enough tokens to mail
and you automatically win cash
in the unique word game as you earn them.Great site for free members, AMAZING site for upgraded!Get 3 LIFETIME FULL PAGE SPOTLIGHT LOGIN ADS
on the mailer page when you take the Level 5 upgrade!

Login ads are highly effective because
Every time someone wants to mail,
they must view the ad for 10 seconds.

And with Easy Peasy’s MAIL EVERYONE, ANYTIME feature,
that will be a LOT of people viewing your ad!

Most importantly, it’s from Marty so EXPECT RESULTS!

View just 25 emails (click on Find Tokens) to earn your

Frances Buchanan

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Hi Guys and Gales, I have a great mailer, that you will fine excellent to use, and great responsive rates. Be sure to grab your free advertising credits

Finally a Magnificent Mailer!

if your quick,  190promo this will get you $1.90 cash, 2300 credits, 1000 Banner and 1000 Text links.

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It’s not every day a new list builder comes along that just gets it.

I’m talking about a list builder that grows massive in the first month
and gets amazing results.


Because they get it that in order to make their members happy
they need to continuously drive more members to their site outside
of the niche for maximum results.

You must act now…Join Free and “ROCK” it….


By the way…After You join, remember to use this
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It’s time for you to take action and see what a quality list builder can
do for you. This is a very responsive mailer!



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